Matt Milligan is an artist working in digital and film photography. With an education in music and history and a career in anything but, his work can best be contextualized by Eckhart's words, "when the soul wants to experience something, she throws out an image in front of her and steps into it." Matt is originally from Dallas, Texas, and lives in New York City.

Matt Milligan

Selected Exhibitions and Lectures

2020 Rethinking, Questioning Urban Realities through Photography in the Age of COVID-19, Scopio, Porto, Portugal.

2021 The Weight of Time, Group Exhibition, Kaiser Gallery, Cleveland, Ohio.

2021 Online Artist Talk at Kaiser Gallery for The Weight of Time Group Exhibition.

"With young people, it’s obvious
when you pass them on the street
and at first you say
they are young
the old, the same thing,
before anything else
you think
that’s an old man
but an adult, it’s anything but obvious
they are never entirely naked
if you know what I mean
they need a story..."

—Éloge de l'amour